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The Bar Cops send in an undercover agent to blend in with the bar customers. Its the job of the agent to observe any behavior that may affect the bars profit. Either over pouring, comp drinks to friends or spouces, using foul language, pocketing money in tip jar, under ringing of drinks etc or just being unprofessional behind the bar. At the end of observation usually after 60-90 minutes a report is filled out and then emailed to the owner or bar manager. At that time its up to the owner or bar manager to do as they please. Bars lose between 20-30% or bar revenue due to bartender theft. Employees always act differently when the owner isnt there. We watch your Bartenders, so you don't have too. Don't sit and wonder what the employees are doing, Know- what they are actually doing.

3819 Topeka ave
Caldwell, ID 83605