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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Swing Set?

The point of a swing set is to allow your children to behave as kids for a few more years yet. We all know that the attention span of a child is extremely limited to say the least as they meander from one place to the next, playing without a plan or a care in the world. Even the most expensive computer games are jettisoned in favor of something else that captures their attention. 

However, no child can ever stay away from a swing set for very long. You can guarantee that if you install a swing set in your backyard, your children will use it frequently. It’s an ideal way to get your kids to play closer to home. Swing sets are no longer the simple structures they once were however. Swing set companies are continually creating new and improved designs. Purchasing and installing a swing set can cost a packet if you don’t shop around.

Safety First

Yet before you start getting the checkbook or credit card out, beware unsafe swing sets. There are a number of reputable companies online. Straying from them means putting the safety of your child at risk. For example, Adventure Playsets, located in Kansas, have recalled more than 240,000 swing sets because more than 500 customers complained of weakened wood due to rotting. One injury has occurred so far because of this unsafe equipment. The moral of the story: Don’t sacrifice quality for price.

Types Of Swing Sets

There are three main types of swing set materials: Metal, wood and plastic. If the truth be told, plastic swing sets are a waste of time. They are much cheaper than their metal and wood counterparts but are likely to only last a few years at most. Though they can be used outside, their best location is indoors. Also, you can only expect to receive a very limited warranty.

Metal swing sets are generally cheaper than wood because less craftsmanship is required. It is much more difficult to vandalize a metal swing set than a wooden one which is why metal is the material of choice for playgrounds. They are also used in homes because of their durability. However, unlike wooden sets, once the metal is installed, it is there permanently unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to have it removed once the kids have grown up. 

For a swing set that is easily installed, durable and can be removed once it is no longer used, wood is the ideal choice. There are a greater range of choices than with metal because it is easier to customize swing sets made from wood. If you’re looking at a wooden swing set, be sure to pay close attention to the quality of wood as not all trees are equally durable. Look for products that have at least a five year guarantee against rotting and are able to withstand the elements.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of a swing set varies greatly depending on the material, design and supplier. You can buy the most basic plastic swing with rope for approximately $40. A simple plastic swing and slide set will be available for less than $150. Generally, such items are easily installed and come with instructions. Metal swing sets can be had for less than $200 with limited assembly required. Indeed, all that is usually required is for the metal poles to be securely dug into the ground. The majority of companies will not charge for this service. Even advanced metal swing sets which cost approximately $500 are easily and quickly installed.

It is possible to purchase beautifully crafted wooden swing sets for less than $350. Unlike metal sets, wooden swing sets are available in more exquisite designs with some companies offering products that resemble an entire playground in one structure. Such items contain swings, slides, a miniature playhouse and stairs among other things. Higher end products can accommodate 8 or more children playing at one time. Such swing sets will range from $800 to $3,500 for ultra extravagant offerings. The vast majority of companies will install products of this price for free.


In the unlikely event that the supplier does not install your swing set, you will have to hire a professional. There is no sense paying thousands for a swing set only to install it like an amateur. First of all, the structure will not be safe and could injure the kids and secondly, you could damage the merchandise and not be able to return it. Depending on the difficulty of installation, you would be paying more than $100 extra. Find out whether the installer charges a fixed or hourly rate before hire. 

As you can see, there are an immense selection of swing sets with almost limitless designs. If you want a custom-made wooden swing set, expect to pay a minimum of $1,000. Regardless of what swing set you choose, make sure you only deal with well known companies that offer secure warranties and safety guarantees. After all, your child’s wellbeing is of paramount importance.