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Tips for Buying Office Furniture

Furnishing any room in the home is an exciting time, as it marks the last stage of a project. This is also true of furnishing an office space, in fact for some people who are just establishing their brand new business; it could be even more exciting.

Unfortunately, if people are not diligent, then the excitement may well see some costly mistakes being made whilst purchasing the furniture.  There are several steps to take to avoid buying furniture which is either too expensive or impractical.


  • Make a list - Make a list of what items of furniture are necessary in the office.  Necessary would mean pieces without which the office could not function, not pieces that the individual would really like.  It is important to make the distinction early on.
  • Draw a plan – Take measurements of the room and draw a plan of what furniture will go where.  This is a brilliant way to find out if any estimates made previously were correct or not.  Many people tend to overestimate how much space there is in an empty room.  This can lead to larger furniture being bought which will not fit in the room.
  • Remember to adhere to health and safety/fire regulations – In the plan, it is important to keep in mind fire exits and walkways.  There are strict guidelines for such things in all buildings and this will directly affect the layout of an office.
  • Budget – It is important that the budget is known before any purchase is made.


Once the details have been planned, a person is free to shop for the perfect office furniture to meet their needs.   When looking at the furniture itself it is important to keep in mind the measurements of each piece and to first and to concentrate on the items on the list first and foremost.  This will prevent any impulse buying that will undoubtedly lead to extra cost.  In addition to this, buyers must consider:

  • Health and safety – This especially important for chairs.  A good office chair should be adjustable to ensure good posture at the correct height can be attained for all employees.
  • Functionality – Some items of furniture may look amazing but for small offices in particular or the home office, furniture with dual purposes is a better option than that which simply looks good.
  • Value – When buying office furniture it is vital that the buyer adheres to the budget.  If the budget is spent on desks alone, no matter how nice the desks are, it will not compensate for the lack of quality in other furniture items such as chairs, filing cabinets etc.

Saving money

It is important to find a balance between a good price and quality of furniture.  For smaller businesses in particular it is unlikely that buyers will be able to afford solid wood furniture throughout the office, no matter how appealing an idea this may seem. However there are some methods which will ensure the procurement of good quality furniture at a reasonable price.

End of line sales are a great way to get brand new office furniture of good quality at a discount price. The benefit of this kind of shopping is that there are always styles of furniture which are coming to an end in any of the large furniture shops, so there will often be a variety to choose from. Unfortunately, because of the line coming to an end, there may not be enough furniture left for what the buyer needs. It is advisable not to purchase a mixture of styles if possible as the office may not look as professional as it should.

Second hand furniture is another brilliant way of gaining furniture at a lower cost.  Again there is a huge choice if the buyer knows where to look.  The easiest place to start is actually in the local area. Looking out for offices that are moving or expanding may provide an opportunity.