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Contemporary Office Furniture

Choosing office furniture for a space is extremely important.  Getting it wrong could not only be costly, but it could lead to a negative work environment.  Office furniture stands to do three things:

  • Make the office space look professional for potential clients
  • Encourage work flow by being highly functional
  • Provide comfort and ease of use for office staff

Whilst there are many different styles of office furniture, one of the best that serves all three of the above purposes is contemporary office furniture.

Looking professional

Contemporary furniture can be made from many different materials in different colours to add additional style to a room.  The materials used are quite often cheaper than the solid wood items of furniture and yet they are able to compliment a wider range of office types including small, large or oddly shaped offices.

The clean lines of contemporary office furniture give the office a sleep, professional feel that will reflect the way in which a company is run.  Stylish furniture of this kind can look more expensive than it actually is, which will impress potential clients as they will get the impression that the office is successful based on its appearance.  

This style of furniture can also blend with any décor easily, so whether it is a small accountant’s office or a huge modern office for a fashion magazine, there will surely be something to suit all tastes.

Encouraging workflow

Again, the clean lines of the contemporary furniture are ideal for making the most of the office space.  Contemporary pieces can come in many different shapes and sizes to fit all office spaces.  They can be arranged in a way to keep the office tidy, adhering to all Health and Safety regulations without endangering staff members or visitors.

Contemporary pieces are known for their ability to positively combine cutting edge style with functionality.  It is not hard to find office desks with built in storage space, or lightweight furniture that is easy to move around for portable offices.

Providing comfort

Most contemporary furniture has acute ergonomic design, making it not only comfy, but extremely efficient to use.  Office desks with cut outs for the chair to fit are a great way to provide comfort for the user and save floor space without losing desk space.

In addition to this, the materials used in contemporary furniture tend to be more malleable than other styles of furniture and therefor can be designed in such a way to provide more comfort for the user.

Where to buy

  • High street shops - There is an array of places to buy contemporary furniture.  Many people enjoy going to a physical shop so that they can see the furniture as tit will be in the office and test it out to find out how it feels before they purchase such items.
  • Online retailers - On the other hand, there are many companies that deal solely online and are able to offer bigger discounts because of the savings from lack of upkeep of a physical shop.  Most of these companies will offer a grace period whereby buyers can return the goods if they are dissatisfied.  Buyers should always be aware of the full returns policy.  It is quite common to have to pay the return shipping costs even if the full price of the furniture is refunded.  Also, it is advisable to confirm whether the return time relates to when the items are sent or when they actually arrive back with the supplier.  This could mean the difference between losing a lot of money or not.
  • Wholesale - The third option which is especially good for the larger office is to buy furniture wholesale.  Many assume that wholesalers only deal with traders but this is not necessarily true.  Websites such as Alibaba.com feature many wholesalers who have a low minimum order quantity of ten items or more.  This could be a perfect way to furnish the whole office at a great price.  If choosing this method though, it is important to perform as many background checks on the company as possible before any order is made.  In addition to this, buyers should take note of the country in which the furniture is being sent from.  If items come from anywhere in Europe, they are not subject to Customs control.  However, items coming from outside the EU will come with import tax.