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How Much Does a Janitorial Service Cost?

Whether you are an office administrator, an apartment lodger or a homeowner, you can benefit from a good professional cleaning service. This service offers of host of benefits: The greatest of which is time conservation. A commercial cleaning service will handle all the janitorial work you need so that you can attend to other engagements. Because the professional cleaning staff takes ownership of your cleaning, you can proceed with your daily routine with less worry.

Office Cleanliness and Health

Offices have been shown to be hotbeds for bacteria. San Diego State University and the University of Arizona led a study in which they tested more than 90 offices: They found in excess of 500 species of bacteria in the offices. For the sake of your health, your staff’s wellbeing and work productivity, the hygiene of your workplace is just as essential as the cleanliness of your home. This view is especially sensible given that most people spend about 50 percent of their waking hours in the office. A clean office suggests better health and less work-related illnesses.

The Cost of Commercial Cleaning

Several factors play a role in janitorial service cost. In general, pricing depends on five main factors:

  1. Your cleaning requirements and expectations
  2. The size, layout and design of your facility
  3. How frequent your space will be serviced
  4. The health risk level in your facility
  5. Geographic location of your office

Rates for office cleaning services based on square footage usually range from $.05 per square foot to more than $.20 per square foot. The cost per square feet is often less for bigger workspaces. For example, a 15,000 square-foot facility would likely cost $.10 to $.15 to clean, whereas a 55,000 square-foot facility might go for $.05 to $.10 per square foot. Typically, janitorial service companies in chief cosmopolitan areas charge higher than those in the suburbs or in rural areas.

Some cleaning facilities use a flat monthly fee, which they base on your office size and the type of cleaning desired. On average, the commercial cleaning cost for small offices is $500 to $800 per month. Notably, a small-staffed office space that require light wiping, dusting and vacuuming can go for as low as $100 to $200 monthly. For large commercial spaces, the price is about $2,000 to $5,000 per month.

Other cleaning facilities use an hourly-rate model, and the types of cleaning needed generally dictate rates. Janitorial service cost can range from $20 to $50 per hour. Light cleaning services, such as regular dusting, wiping, vacuuming or mopping, will fall on the lesser end of the spectrum. Deep cleaning services that might include pressure washing, wall washing and kitchen and food prep area sanitation will fall on the upper range.

Special Services and Facility Usage

Deep cleaning services like carpet extracting, exterior power washing and floor waxing will cost extra. The commercial cleaning cost for special services can add an extra $.10 to $.30 per square foot.

The manner in which you use your facility can also increase your cost. For instance, cleaning services charge much higher rates for the car dealerships, fitness centers, restaurants and medical facilities because these facilities require specialized cleaning and sterilization. Cleaning staff may also have to deal with hazardous waste; as such, they have to be knowledgeable about specific disinfectants, application methods and occupational safety requirements.

What to Expect and How to Prepare

Before you choose a commercial cleaning firm, you can take a few measures to prepare and to avoid any surprises. First, determine what you cleaning needs are and what you expect from the service. When you speak or meet with a consultant, the person will need that information to establish if your expectations and needs can be met. You will likely be asked to walk the person through the facility to see your layout.

If, for example, your office needs deep cleaning services that include high ceiling dusting the firm will need to work with you to set a schedule for the service and to lessen disruptions to the workday. This also applies to regular services, such as window cleaning and trash removal. A consultant will discuss your options with you so that you can decide on the best cleaning services for your facility. This will also help the facility provide you with a tailored cleaning agenda that meets your budget.

Choose Your Cleaning Service Wisely

Entertain and compare several firms that you believe can handle your facility before you choose one. Some janitorial companies may ask you for the square footage of your facility and then quote you a price. This approach is imperfect in that your complete square footage often does not reflect the areas you need cleaning. In fact, some areas may not require cleaning during each visit. Similarly, if your facility is older, it may require a different kind of cleaning than a newer facility.

Lastly, you may be asked to sign a one-year to three-year contract, depending on the arrangement you requested. However, you should still see a clause that lets you cancel if you are unhappy with the service.