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Why Access Control Is Beneficial For Your Business

Today's corporations and businesses often find it necessary to protect sensitive information systems utilizing effective information assurance measures. One very cost-effective method of providing this type of protection is with the use of electronic access control. There can be a number of important benefits when electronic access controls are implemented in a business of any kind, especially when providing access to sensitive areas needs to be restricted or controlled.

When considering the importance of protecting sensitive or classified information, controlling who has access to those areas of the workplace will be extremely important. With electronically controlled access points, it is easy to not only monitor which areas employees are accessing, but also to restrict or change access quickly and easily. In fact, providing access or making changes to an employee’s restricted locations can easily be changed from a remote location, this can be extremely helpful for employees in the field or away from their main office. 

With a traditional key system, information assurance can be much harder to implement. Traditional keys can easily be duplicated and changing or eliminating access to specific locations is much harder to monitor and control. However, with electronic access control, it is extremely difficult to duplicate the key or acquire a working access code. These systems are designed to provide the security and control needed in today’s workplace and have a number of advantages over the traditional lock and key access.

Some of these advantages include the following:

You only have to remember a single key – with only one access key or code that provides access to the areas an individual is permitted to enter, there is only one key or code that needs to be remembered. In fact, if an employee ever needs to gain access to a remote location, this access can be changed immediately by the network operator. This can save a great deal of time and trouble, especially for employees working in the field.

Locks will never have to be changed – Whether you have an employee leaving your organization or one who has lost their access key, it is a simple process to eliminate their key from the system. This can save a company a great deal of money because there is no need to change or rekey locks. Lost keycards can easily have their access terminated and a new keycard issued.

It is extremely difficult to duplicate an electronic key – duplicating electronic keys is extremely difficult and not something most people will be able to accomplish. This provides a higher level of security over traditional keys and can help minimize potential risks for your organization.

Access information can be logged – entry to various points in your company can easily be logged for additional security. This information is available for review if there is ever a breach of security, vandalism or theft.

When it comes to protecting your business, the use of electronic access control systems, such as card readers and keypads, provide a cost-effective way to monitor who has access to critical areas of your business. Additionally, this access can be monitored for even higher levels of security, but the system also allows quick and easy customizations to meet the needs of every organization.


This is a guest post by security and data assurance specialists ECA Limited. For more information on tightening security measures at your business premises, please visit the ECA Limited website.