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Successfully Promoting Your Fitness Club in Your Local Area

Just as a bodybuilder’s body is an ongoing project, so too is marketing your gym, one you need to afford time and attention to every day. There are many ways to promote your gym, enhance awareness of its existence and attract more members, including the following seven.

1. Sponsor charities and local causes

There are always good charities and local causes to get behind and chances are you’ll be able to find one to support that’s concerned with health and fitness in some way, like a local sports team, a rehabilitation centre for war veterans and even local nursing homes – you might be surprised at the emphasis placed on physical activity for seniors.

2. Get involved in your local community

In addition to sponsoring local charities and causes there are numerous ways you can get involved in your local community. This could include setting up a stall and holding demonstrations at local fairs and festivals, anything that gets you involved in your local community and provides you with an opportunity to give out free passes and promotional merchandise.

3. Start blogging

Blogging by creating original content relevant to your business is an excellent way to increase awareness of your gym and helps to establish you and your gym as an authority on fitness and health in your local area. Since you’ve a good understanding of fitness and health you shouldn’t experience any problems writing informative articles about health and fitness to upload to blog sites, link to your website and increase the amount of attention it receives.

4. Update your website

How did you come across this article? By searching online, so how do you think most people will go about looking for a gym in their local area? You therefore need to keep your website up to date and current with your latest deals, promotions and news – there’s more to promoting your gym than deals and promotions alone – and don’t forget how important first impressions are either, especially for young people concerned with appearance and looks.

5. Member referral programs

This is one of the best promotional methods you could possibly use, one that leverages your current client base as a sales tool. Member referral programs are incredibly cost effective and because it’s your client base that’s doing all the work all you have to do is provide them with the motivation – a month’s free membership for example – for bringing a friend who signs up.

6. Get a mascot or sign spinner

This may seem old fashioned and outdated but it works. As the owner of a gym you have many options to explore here, so don’t limit yourself to mascots and sign spinners – some attractive, fit young men and women doing aerobics by the side of the road during rush hour would do the trick, plus it would attract a lot more attention.

7. Use promotional items effectively

Using promotional items effectively is easy as a gym owner, plus you shouldn’t find a shortage of ideas for promotional gifts to brand with your gym’s logo. These could include caps, jackets, singlets, t-shirts and reusable water bottles, though don’t keep these gifts sports-orientated all year around, at Christmas and New Year you can give out branded coffee mugs and flash drives – though they must be of a good quality if they’re to further and reinforce awareness of your brand.

These are seven of many promotional methods you can use to get the word out about your gym, increase awareness of its existence and establish you and your gym as an authority on fitness and well being in your local area.