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Five Tips To Find The Best And Cheapest Business Electricity

Every electricity provider you look into claims to have the cheapest and most competitive tariffs. However, if you are planning to switch providers for your business, you want to have more than just the 'assurance' that you are getting the cheapest prices. You want a company that has exceptional customer service so that if something goes wrong, you know that the problem will be resolved quickly. You want a company that is passionate about energy efficiency and helps its customers share that enthusiasm. You want a company that uses the latest technology, making reading meters and paying bills easier than ever.

Finding all these attributes in one company with low tariffs is easier said than done. More than likely, you will have to settle with a company that excels in the areas that are most important to you, and take the disadvantage in the other areas. If you are planning to switch energy providers for your business, here are a few tips to help you find both the cheapest business electricity in your area and the energy provider that meets your most important needs.

It's Not Personal, It's Business

Try not to base your opinion of an electricity company for your business on your experience with them as a regular customer. Some companies that you have had trouble with in the past may be more business focused, giving higher priority to business clients. As such, you may find that the lousy customer service you had to deal with for your home electricity is excellent customer service when you come to the supplier as a business owner.

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What Does the Web Say?

A quick glance at the webpage of the provider you are looking into can give you an idea of where this company spends money. If the home page displays bright pictures of smiling, happy people and not much helpful information, there is a good chance that the provider spends a hefty chunk on marketing. Pictures of windmills, solar panels, and a lot of greenery probably tells you that this provider puts an emphasis on energy efficiency and new technology. Webpages that display lists of articles and links to energy consumer resources likely belong to companies who take pride in their customer service.

Reality Check

If the provider you are considering promises to have the lowest tariffs and the best of everything, it probably won't. Look for providers who display a good dose of reality, clarity, and transparency. Many providers, for example, do not include their current tariffs on their webpages, but most customers want easy access to current tariffs. Also, look for a provider who doesn't make generalizations. An energy provider who claims that you will save energy simply by switching to that provider isn't covering all its bases; how can that provider know for sure that every consumer will save energy every time?

What is Important to You?

If energy efficiency is close to your heart, then you want a company that is truly working toward making a greener U.K. You can find providers that use more green energy than others, pulling a large portion of their energy from windmills and using natural gas. If you are more concerned with business efficiency, there are companies that provide plans, meters, and apps that are directly tailored for people who don't want to have to think about their energy bill. Keep in mind that if you go with a company that simply offers the cheapest business electricity tariffs, you may have to pay for those tariffs later with your time and effort if you have a problem with your meter or your billing.

Think Local

Although you may have access to many remotely-based energy providers, a local supplier almost always provides the best results for business and personal electricity uses alike. Local suppliers know your area and are likely to be more familiar with problems common to your area. Locally-produced energy may be cheaper, and if you need technicians to come out to your business the waiting time will probably be much longer if you are waiting for a service call to go through four different offices before the technicians are dispatched.


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