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Top 5 POS System Suppliers of 2011

Despite the fact that Point of Sale (POS) systems are advanced and make the experience of both customer and business easier, there are still a shocking amount of old-fashioned cash registers in retail stores. This is a terrible idea in the era of modernity and technological advances when customers want everything done yesterday. Cash registers are slow, clumsy and inaccurate with no other function but to store cash. POS systems on the other hand are fast, accurate and have a host of other features including inventory control. Small businesses looking to take a step into the present and future need to dump their cash register and purchase a POS system today. To assistance you in your quest, here are the top 5 POS system suppliers of 2011 and their featured product.

#5: Conquest Financial Services
Conquest Financial Services offer their Conquest Business Center, a POS system specifically designed for small businesses. It works perfectly with all types of retail outlets such as restaurants, coffee shops and kiosks. It is available for just under $2,400 from the suppliers who are renowned for producing hardware packages tailored to each individual company’s need.

It has features such as:

  • Several security levels, each of which are password protected
  • Web-based software that allows a company to access its inventory from any computer with an internet connection
  • Ability to record a customer’s information
  • A free web video demonstration showing you exactly how to set up your account

Conquest Financial Services have a winner in their Business Center though one complaint is that it is only suitable for small businesses and not larger corporations. Nonetheless, it is easy to navigate and ideal for up and coming companies.

#4: Crichlow Data Sciences Inc.

Crichlow are another top rated supplier of POS systems with their General Store system among the best in the industry. Their new product is available for just under $2,800 and offers value for money. One issue with The General Store is the fact that it only has a 160GB hard drive. While this is more than enough when used strictly as a POS system, if you need it for accounting etc., you will have to purchase more storage space. The General Store offers:

  • 17 inch LCD flat screen monitor
  • Thermal receipt printer, card reader and barcode scanner
  • Software that can support almost 100 stations in a LAN environment
  • The Profit Picture: A tool that can give quick calculations when asked about profits over a period of a few days
  • Manager key entry

Crichlow Data Sciences Inc. created The General Store in 1983 and have managed to keep it updated so that it is a match for any POS system on the market.

#3 effortlessE

effortlessE have created a web-based product designed to combat the many flaws commonly associated with POS systems. It is available for less than $2,000 but one problem is the fact that additional hardware such as credit card readers, laser barcode scanners and electronic cash drawers must be bought separately and can cost up to $400 apiece. Nonetheless, effortlessE makes up for this problem with its host of features including:

  • Real time access
  • Unlimited remote access
  • Internet based so no need to panic if your store’s computers malfunction
  • Protected information
  • Retention of a customer’s transaction history and other relevant information
  • Time clock for employees
    Unlimited technical support for a small fee

effortlessE offer an amazing array of services but only to companies that can afford it. A brilliant company for businesses willing to spend cash in order to expand.

#2: Dell/QuickBooks

The combined brains of a leading computer manufacturer and a highly rated software producer have teamed up to become one of the best POS system suppliers in the world. Their main package is pricey at $3,200 but includes the ability to manage all sales operations. It can not only be used to go online, it also has the ability to access programs and can even be used for accounting. The impressive number of features include:

  • An all-in-one POS system to manage your business
  • Use of Word, Excel and PowerPoin
  • Processing of information at 2.8 Gh
  • 160GB SATA 3.0 hard driv
  • QuickBooks POS Pro v10.0
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty

Businesses just getting started and with a little extra cash to spare should really look into this all-encompassing POS system which is easy to customize.

#1: GotMerchant

This company was founded in 1998 and since then, they have set the standards for all POS systems. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2005 and have won a slew of awards including the Top Processor Award from influential financial site creditcardprocessing.org in 2010. They provide systems on tiny but powerful computers which contain everything a small business could ever need. GotMerchant offer the following features:

  • Free hardware
  • $59 monthly subscription, ideal for companies with a small budget
  • Lifetime support, replacement parts and warranty
  • The complete POS system package including cash drawer, barcode scanner, router and hub

No other company offers as much as GotMerchant does and for an incredibly low price. Their lifetime warranty and no hardware charges alone make them the best option. When you factor in the quality of their equipment, other companies have a long way to go to catch GotMerchant in the POS system stakes.