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How To Equip A Bakery

Every day, countless numbers of entrepreneurs begin their journeys toward what they hope will become a successful business. Along their path, many will begin to realize they have outgrown their starter space at home and need to expand to a larger area. One occupation that may benefit greatly from having more room to work is a baker. Whether you want to specialize in the sweet or the savory, every baker needs plenty of room to create their masterpieces.  The thought of equipping a blank commercial property to properly accommodate your growing business may seem a little overwhelming at first. In order to try and ease some of the stress on your mind, below you will find a list of the equipment that will help make you successful.

The Little things

Starting from scratch often means purchasing the little things before you can purchase the larger components of your storefront. In terms of a bakery, the little things are some of the first things your potential customers will see.

Signage can be your most important form of advertising. Signs give you the opportunity to announce any specials you are running as well as post your hours of operation. They are also how new and returning customers will know where to find you.

One of the most important small pieces of equipment you will need to purchase is a point of sales system. You may also hear these systems referred to as POS.  These systems are designed to help you keep track of all aspects of your growing business.  The system can keep track of your inventory as well as give you an idea of what items are really making money for you.

There are also many little things you will need to purchase that the customer is likely not going to see. These include your professional grade mixer and measuring devices.

The Big things

A bakery also relies upon many larger components to run smoothly. These include some items your customers will see and some they may not. Prior to making any large component purchase make sure your desired object will fit into your store front. Measure all areas, twice if needed. It may help to measure for height, width along with depth.

Sanitation is huge in the food preparation industry. You want to be sure that your prep spaces as well as all of your tools are properly cleaned prior to usage. Purchasing a commercial-grade dishwasher will help keep your equipment sparkling whether you have a full staff or are going it alone.

Your oven is probably the most important tool any baker has in their arsenal.  Research your oven before purchasing it. Setting a budget is also very important as these crucial components can be extremely expensive. Make sure you get the right size for your needs.

Your display cases will help you protect your food as well as sell it. Once all of your products are made you are going to need somewhere to display them.  Purchasing bakery display cases will keep your product fresh as well as help entice customers to indulge themselves.


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