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How much will an iPad Point-of-Sale cost?

Systems designed specifically for industries can costs thousands, a pretty penny for a business just getting off the ground. Access to much more cost-effective systems available throu apps and cloud-based solutions has given business owners more choices in how they conduct their business. Luckily, there are numerous merchant solutions for iPad users that are much more affordable than the traditional programs out there.

Why iPad POS systems in first place?

One of the biggest drivers for transitioning to an iPad point of sale solution is that it’s cost-effective. Proprietary systems can costs a lot to develop while specialty systems with all the bells and whistles can costs well over $10,000 for just one register solution. The iPad pos prices are much cheaper. With some point of sale solutions available for iPad, the starting package is free. For a smaller transaction fee, customers can scale the solution up or down to meet their needs.

Packages and Subscriptions

The typical product will offer a certain number of product listings based on the subscription chosen. The number of customers and users that can be supported in the system also depend on the package selected. Expect to pay an additional monthly fee if more than one register is required. Reporting capabilities are also available with the top-tiered subscription packages. Other pricing models offer a tablet with all the necessary hardware for a bundled, upfront fee and then charge per transaction. Solutions may include a capped amount for how much is paid in a typical month. A card-reader and a tablet are sometimes offered with certain vendors. Not factored into most of the popular plans are the printer and barcode reader.

What are the iPad pos prices?

Startup costs for these systems can be free with vendors like Shopkeep, Square, GoPayment, and Instore. In the mid-range, the pricing can be anywhere between $500-1,000. Solutions falling within this range include: NCR Silver, Ambur, Lavu and Revel. Pricing can be anywhere between $49 and $300 per month. The pricing doesn’t take into account the transaction-based models where 10 cents or a percentage amount of the value transaction is charged per swipe. For under $200 per month, a complete iPad POS solution that accommodates at least one user and a register is available. Transaction fees are usually well under 4 percent if the transaction-based plans are used.

What are the additional fees to consider?

Expanded capabilities in the e-commerce area can costs more. Additional registers may also cost more in upfront registration fees. Some packages may charge a percentage of the sale in addition to a flat transaction fee. Additional service add-ons like enhanced phone support can costs $19/mo. Cost savings are available to those who purchase an entire year’s worth of service upfront. Monthly fees to be approximately $10 more. There may be monthly hardware fees required on top of the basic monthly service package. If more than two registers will be required, negotiating a custom pricing option with the selected vendor is recommended.

Enhanced solutions

While the basic POS system may be perfectly fine for one business, another product may offer much more to the business. For example, some solutions offer complete reporting dashboards for analytics. Other solutions offer historical data for customers and other behavior tracking information.

An iPad solution can cost thousands less than the traditional solution. In order to get started, transaction information should be gathered. Gathering the average number of transactions completed in a typical month is instrumental in identifying the right packages. Inventory tracking, reporting capabilities and similar features should all be considered upfront when evaluating a solution. Those who are unsure of exactly where to begin can simply enroll in a starter subscription plan. Most plans offer a trial run where services are free for 2 weeks to an entire month.