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Four Most Essential Things To Look For When Shopping For POS System

The point of sale system is an important component for anyone running a retail business. What should you look for when shopping?

Buying From Reputable Providers

Buying POS from reputable providers is perhaps the most significant consideration. As with anything meaningful, reputation counts. For how long has the provider been in business? What is their track record? Have they been successful going by their reviews and performance? The POS market like any other has been infiltrated by fly by night dealers. They will promise quality features at cut-rate prices but will vanish when you need them the most.
Remember, buying a point of sale system is unlike buying an electronic gadget. It most often involves entering a partnership with the providing company for continued support.  Unscrupulous, cheap dealers are most often not available for fixes in case of a sudden breakdown. With no support, this can greatly inhibit your business performance.
As such, businesses are most often forced to find new providers. This obviously comes at extra costs to your business. But why suffer such inconvenience when you can carry out a search for the best dealers? The best dealers are accredited with renowned industry bodies such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) and VeriSign etc.

Service And Support

Service and support forms the second crucial consideration when looking for a POS system. Most systems have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. On average, most require an upgrade every 5 to 7 years. These upgrades and repairs are provided by the vendor. Unfortunately, most business owners solely focus on software and systems that they forget support and service.
Your systems will require occasional repairs and fixes. Is the providing company available for such repairs on short notice? The trick here is to find a provider with several support options. Multi support providers offer on-site, remote or cloud based, help desk and depot. With that much option, you can be sure your repairs will be catered faster and efficiently.
Some providers even have service portals.

But you can also cut maintenance costs by negotiating a maintenance contract. Rather than keep paying per repair, how about agreeing on a contract for monthly repairs?


It is important to have some working knowledge of the system. Having the POS system is not enough. You must learn
 how to use it, including training your employees. As such, does the vendor offer training? Remember, there are various features in the system that will generate lots of crucial business information.

Understanding and interpreting this information is crucial to spurring business growth. The idea is so that you can reap maximally from the system. You can even learn basics that can help fix or repair if the company is not immediately available.

Go For Solutions Not Systems

When shopping for a quality POS system, emphasis must be put on solutions and not systems. You can have the best hardware and software, but do the solutions provided optimize your business?  Your concern should be on getting the most out of your system in terms of the available solutions. Go for solutions that address your specific business needs. Insist on as many quality features as possible.


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