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Eagle Express Systems, Inc. was formed in 1988. We developed into an Automatic Teller Machine company early in 1996 with a simple business model of paying our customers 100% on surcharge fees, providing free on-site service and free terminal receipt paper. We are a pioneer in off-premise ATM's offering ATM processing through all national networks. Today, Eagle Express Systems, Inc. continues to provide state of the art national brand ATM equipment, ATM processing, repairs/services, ATM conversion and Triple-Des update specialists. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an ATM business opportunity, a retailer who needs an analysis on whether an ATM is right for your location, or presently own your ATM and want a provider which gives you all your ATM surcharge with no monthly hidden fees, a company which supplies accurate monthly reporting then call Eagle Express Systems, Inc.

151 Prospect Ave

Hackensack, NJ 07601