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5 Of The Best Suppliers Of ATM Machines

ATM machines are yet another way in which you can make a customer’s life easier. As successful companies know, convenience equals sales and anything that improves a consumer’s experience should be added immediately. ATM machines quickly give money to customers who have run short. This benefits your business because an individual without money is a lost sale.

A secondary benefit of having an ATM located in your store is the additional custom it can bring. People may travel out of their way to withdraw cash and notice your store, something they never did before. Once again, this is likely to lead to extra revenue. To decide between the myriad of ATM machine suppliers on the market, we have compiled a list of the top 5 merchants we have encountered.

#5: USA Technologies

This company deals with various types of products besides ATM machines including kiosks, laundry equipment and vending machines. It was founded in 1992 and has since garnered a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient providers of machines in the industry. Their patented ePort technology enables them to install their ATM into any existing cash-only machines you may have, improving them so that they accept debit and credit cards. Other features this company offers include:

  • Loyalty and pre-paid programs
  • Wireless connection to their network
  • Discounted transaction rate
  • Ability to monitor the ATM from your office

Additional security features help protect your machine from vandalism.

#4: National ATM Systems (NASATM)

NASATM was founded in 1999 and their ATM machines are able to process more than 99% of all debit and credit cards. Their products are designed to be consumer-friendly and it possible for a customer to transfer money from another account as well as find out their balance. Here are some of the features offered by the company:

  • 90 day warranty on parts and labor
  • Vault cash management
  • Free security assessment
  • Web-based management system

NASATM deal with everything related to ATM machines. They buy and sell second-hand equipment as well as offering individual parts. Installation and set-up are free.

#3: CgiATM

CgiATM deal in Triton ATM machines which are said to be among the industry’s most reliable products. They are an authorized distributor of Hyosung and Hantle machines. Also available is their Triton FT5000 ATM that is specifically designed for outdoor usage and comes with top notch security features. CgiATM also offers:

  • Free shipping and installation
  • Complex training free of charge
  • Free ATM processing and advertising package
  • Round the clock technical support at no extra cost

CgiATM have been in business for more than 15 years and their impeccable reputation follows them wherever they go.

#2: ATM Machine

ATM Machine have 13 years of experience when it comes to selling their products to retailers online. They have dealt with businesses in every state in America and actively encourage company owners to reap the rewards an ATM machine brings. Here is further information about their services:

  • No monthly access fees
  • Money withdrawn by customers deposited into your account within 48 business hours
  • 12 month warranty
  • Rapid response customer service

ATM USA are dedicated to providing customers with an alternative to credit card processing fees. They will install your machine regardless of your location in the United States.

#1 Control Inc.

Control Inc. are a company that specializes in banking supplies. Their staff are among the most experienced in the industry and they pride themselves on service excellence from initial contact to final delivery. They understand that ATM machines run 24 hours a day and are in need of constant support and this is provided with every purchase. Control Inc. also offers a range of ATM related supplies including:

  • Seals
  • Cassettes
  • Card holders and sleeves
  • Cleaning equipment

Control Inc. are a full service company that never leaves its customers in the dark.

Although you can choose between scores of companies who supply ATM machines, not all of them can deliver the type of quality and service your business needs. The 5 companies outlined above can do this and more.