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Prefabricated Steel Building: The Right Choice

In the building trade, there was once a saying that you could either have a building done fast or you could have it done right. Prefabricated steel buildings now make it possible to have the best of both worlds with lower overall cost and increased durability. Prefabricated steel buildings are changing the way property owners are completing their development plans.

What is a Prefabricated Steel Building?

As the name implies, prefabricated buildings are designed and manufactured in a factory using precision machines and expert technicians. Every beam, brace and covering has been accounted for and constructed within the factories precision-measurement tolerances, which ensures that every piece fits perfectly every time. When a prefabricated building is purchased, the company will send the manufactured pieces to the building site with experienced technicians that are ready to efficiently assemble the finished structure. Despite every site being slightly different, the teams of workers are able to assemble the building quicker than conventional builders and to the highest standards of quality in construction because they have had experience assembling these exact buildings before. The result is a structurally superior building completed in a fraction of the time with no wasted materials or unexpected costs.

Steel Buildings Last Longer

Prefabricated steel buildings are offered in a variety of designs and floor plans to meet the wide array of functionality needed, but they are all assured to last longer than structures of similar design built from conventional wood. Despite steel being much stronger than wood, the advantages that contribute to its longevity are in steep contrast to the vulnerabilities of wood. Prefabricated steel buildings are fire-resistant, insect-resistant and are able to withstand the pressure of severe weather. Investing in a steel building is a safer long-term investment.

Lower Building Costs Provide Tremendous Savings

Conventional structures are built on location by professional craftsman. This process can be time consuming, which generates a high labor cost. There is an unavoidable cost accrued from materials wasted during the construction of conventional structures because of cutting and fitting. It is common for unexpected costs and delays to arise in the construction of conventional buildings because even the best plans cannot always account for the randomness of working with organic materials. These problems and costs are all avoided when you choose a prefabricated steel structure. The lack of wasted materials and the lower labor hours means the overall project cost is frequently less than expected.

Prefabricated steel buildings are offered in many styles to meet a wide variety of functions. From homes to office buildings and sheds, steel buildings are universally affordable, stronger than conventional buildings and able to meet the needs of nearly all developers and property owners.


Jim enjoys writing blogs about the steel industry. He often gives advice on how to purchase and construct pre-engineered steel buildings.