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For many of us, the idea of working as a roofer all year round seems a little too demanding. But for some individuals, this career path not only offers a route to earning some decent money, it can also lead to an interesting and prosperous lifestyle. As long as you have a head for heights and are not afraid of some good honest hard work, perhaps you might enjoy this career path as well? This article looks a little deeper into this role and unearths a few misconceptions along the way. If you have a few minutes to spare, please take a look and see if roofing is the job for you!

It’s a Skilled Job!

As with most construction based work, roofing is a demanding job where health and safety are paramount at all times. Not everyone has the aptitude to work in a dangerous and uncompromising position throughout the year. As well as being able to concentrate whilst being many meters up in the air, you need to undertake a very skilled operation simultaneously. Many of the skills will be taught on the job and you have to show some serious dedication and be able to pick up these skills quickly.

What Responsibilities?

Roofing usually covers 3 main areas of working activities:

  • Repairing – If a roof has been damaged due to the weather or longevity, you may be required to fix any leaks or visible defects. You may need to use asphalt, gravel or saturated felts for this purpose.
  • Replacing – An older roof may need a total replacement and you will need to remove the construction first before installing the newer one. This requires a lot of organisation and the old materials need to be disposed of correctly.
  • Installation – Usually restricted to new buildings, this activity is very labour intensive and involves a large amount of planning prior to the physical installation.

As with many areas of construction professions, you will need to get qualified before being considered a ‘roofer’. Fortunately you can train whilst on the job and this usually takes around 4 years in total. You can specialise in a particular type of roofing, such as flat roofing, and you should consider this before continuing. Do a little research into which area of roofing suits your needs and you should also look into the logistics of these roles.


Roofing is not a trade to be taken lightly and it will not suit everybody out there. You have to be happy working in all types of weather and shrinking violets need not apply. A good roofer is able to work for extended periods of time without supervision and needs to be able to make quick judgements calls. A little vision is also a welcome attribute and you will need to be physically strong and fit. Teamwork is a big part of this trade and loners will not be welcome in any way shape or form.  

Get Working!

If you still want to be a roofer, you can start looking right away! You can go to the nearest construction site and ask around or check out your local firms on the internet. When you speak to the companies, present yourself as a well-spoken and polite individual and you should soon be looking forward to your very first roofing role. Do a little research into the firm and show that you have some background knowledge when you are interviewed – Good Luck!

The author of this article, Mark Thomas, is an employee at Industrial & Commercial Roofing, a company that offers quality metal roofing in Toronto. He is an ardent reader and has a keen interest in wildlife adventures.