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Different Residential Roofing Options For Homeowners

When you think of roofing, what do you think of? 

European tile stacked on Italian rooftops ... 

Classic American gray shingles with sandy textures ...

These are types of roofing many people think of.  But there are other kinds of roofing that many Oklahomans use to create the homes of their dreams.  In areas in and outside the most populous part of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, roofing contractors offer a wide variety of roofing options that residents select for different purposes. 

Yes, there are the standard shingle options to choose from, but these standard options are limiting.  Here are some other roofing options that are popular among Oklahoma residents ...

  • Metal Roofing: great for large sheds and other structures that are constructed apart from the resident's home.  Although this kind of roofing isn't as durable as Storm Safe Roofing (see below), it does offer more protection than standard shingle roofing.  Metal roofing is also considerably less expensive than roofing built specifically to ward off storms.  This kind of roofing is often chosen by people building a wall-less shed or feeding area for livestock.
  • Patio and Carport Roofing: the roofing for patios and carports can be the same as the home's or different.  Finding a similar, yet distinctive option is the path some creative people choose.  In addition to adding flair to the individual structure, a roof with features that are different yet complementary have the ability to increase aesthetic appeal of the actual home.  It's called tasteful contrasting!  Call your favorite Oklahoma City or Moore, Oklahoma roofing contractor for help with this.
  • Green Roofing: The most popular kind of green roofing currently on the market is the Timberline Cool Series Energy-Saving line.  These are shingles that increase energy savings with their advanced insulation properties.  They help keep attics cool and energy efficient even during the hottest Oklahoma summers. 
  • Storm Safe Roofing: Right now, WeatherGuard HP shingles and Timberline ArmorShield II shingles are popular storm safe roofing options.  These benefit Oklahoma residents in particular because of the large amount of tornados, hails storms and other severe weather in the state.  Ever since the severe tornados struck Moore, OK, and surrounding areas in May 2013, storm safe roofing has been under close watch.  Now more than ever, more emphasis is being placed on its ability to withstand intense hail, rain and wind.

These are some different roofing options that every Oklahoma roofing contractor should mention to you before starting a new project.  What many people forget is that standard shingles aren't the only option on the market.  There are tons of new products that are superior in terms of energy efficiency and safety.  We went over some of these above.

When collaborating with the roofing company you hire, ask about the different roofing styles they offer.  Tell them what you have in mind and then ask for their feedback.  Because roofing is their area of specialty, they've worked with people just like you and have a knack for knowing what looks good and what performs well. 


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