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Office Cubicle and Systems Furniture Buyer's Guide

Office cubicles or systems furniture are a common answer to the business problem of providing workers with individual work spaces. Office cubicles have not traditionally had the best reputations, but cubicles are functional and can be aesthetically appealing with the appropriate décor. Since cubicles are not permanent, these cubicles allow some flexibility and modularity. Choosing appropriate cubicles is not easy. People must be familiar with the selection and take a significant amount of time to make the appropriate selection. A buyer's guide will help companies find cubicles suitable for the office.

Where to Buy

  • Purchase Office Cubicles from Furniture Dealers. Office cubicles can be purchased at furniture dealers. Furniture dealers may be found online, in local directories and from referrals. Furniture dealers often offer a variety of cubicles to fit your budget. Some workstations or cubicles are of higher quality than others. Furniture dealers can examine a work space and determine what will work best for your particular office needs.
  • Purchase Cubicles on eBay. eBay has numerous listings for cubicles. With eBay, companies can find a negotiated deal online. At any given time, there may be more than 1000 listings for cubicles online. Business owners can find deals even if they are on a tight budget.
  • Find Cubicles through Classifieds. Local newspapers or online classifieds like CraigsList will list cubicles. When shopping online, the furniture will be sold in the condition it is found. Be sure to examine the furniture for damage when shopping online.

How to Find a Supplier

Most cubicle suppliers may be found online. Perform a simple search for cubicle, and the information will appear. There is a large product offering online for companies in search of suppliers. Some time will be required to search through each one. But, the research will be worth the effort.

When evaluating modular office furniture, people need to understand the important aspects of buying office furniture. Most experts recommend sticking to one brand. Many brands look similar, but not all are the same quality. Not all brands or types are interchangeable.

Initial investments are significant. So, it is important to know what to look for in cubicles. Companies should purchase a brand that is expandable. Future modular furniture purchases will be affected by the first purchase. Many brands may look similar, but parts are not interchangeable because different hardware and panels are not compatible.

Different Types of Cubicles

Systems furniture is available in two different types. The two main types are panel-mounted and freestanding. Most modular office furniture is panel-mounted. The system is primarily comprised of wall panels. Other components such as desks and file cabinets are directly mounted onto the panels. Freestanding components, by contrast, use separate panels placed around furniture.

Many people enjoy panel-based design systems because they offer greater design flexibility. Panel-based systems are more flexible than freestanding systems. The advantage of freestanding systems is they can be easily installed and reconfigured.

What to Consider

  • Noise Control. Cubicles should be designed to reduce noise and increase productivity of employees. No system will completely eliminate noise, but many systems will make an attempt. If noise is your primary concern, consider systems designed to achieve this goal. Lower panels and glass surfaces reduce noise absorption, but many companies like this style because it is more modern than others.
  • Aesthetics. The appearance of cubicles plays a role in the productivity of employees. Companies should not overlook aesthetics when making a selection. Cubicles can come in a range of colors, patterns and work surfaces. The appropriate color and fabric selection can benefit your business by enhancing employee moods. If productivity is not that big of an issue, clients may be able to save money by choosing fabrics or colors that are not as popular. This can significantly lower the costs.
  • Electrical Connections. When purchasing cubicles, consider electric power and data network connections. Some cubicles have what is called a base feed or a top feed. Base feed comes from the power in the wall outlet. A top feed addresses wires originating from the ceiling. Utility poles are designed to conceal top feed.
  • Storage Options. Storage options for cubicles are also available. Modern cubicles may include filing drawers, free-standing bookshelves and wall shelving or cabinets. Some of these solutions often have locks to protect the contents of the cabinets. Other common inclusions are as follows: Whiteboards, built-in task lighting, tack boards and coat hangers.
  • Interior Design. Many companies hire an interior designer to help with design. Cubicle design is important for offices with numerous visitors and customers. Designers will ask questions about the office environment and design an office space that fits the organization’s work style.
  • Buy Re-manufactured Solutions to Save Money. Re-manufactured office cubicles are often some of the most affordable cubicles available. Companies can save money without sacrificing quality with re-manufactured solutions. Some of the best re-manufactured cubes can be indistinguishable from the new. Dealers can sell re-manufactured cubicles for almost half the cost of a new solution.
    New furniture is often purchased directly from manufacturers. With re-manufactured solutions, some of the same selections are available as with new office solutions. Customers can pick a brand, cube model, fabric and colors. Cubicles are taken apart, sanded, painted and powder coated during the refurbishing process. Fabric may be completely replaced. Shelves and pedestals are replaced. Many companies can complete an entire refurbishment in a short period of time.