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How Much Do Used Cubicles Cost?

The use of office cubicles has become standard practice in almost all offices in today's society. Numerous people spend almost their entire career in a cubicle, whether it is new or used and therefore having the right systems furniture cost is important. Although there are number of reasons for used cubicle use within the workplace, there are also a number of limitations with cubicles as well. Finding the right used cubicle at the right price can be difficult but can be the most effective use of funding when starting a new office or expanding a business.

There are number of reasons to choose to use cubicles within the workplace First, cubicles provide a comfortable working environment for all employees while providing the privacy that is needed to be efficient and effective at work. A major benefit of buying a previously used cubicle is that it is much cleaner for the environment. There is a lot of materials, whether it be wood, plastic or aluminum, that goes into producing new cubicles. By purchasing an old cubicle, materials that would otherwise go towards new cubicles will be saved and the carbon footprint of the company will be reduced.

When deciding on cubicles, there are variety of different types of cubicles to choose from. The first type of cubicle is the panel-mounted cubicle. With this type of cubicle there is the possibility of incorporating filling cabinets and other furniture to the panel walls of the cubicle making it a very effective use of space. Cubicles can also have freestanding furniture incorporated in as well. With this type of cubicle, the furniture can be added and removed easily and do not require an support of the cubicle walls in order to serve their purpose. These are especially useful when an employee moves from one cubicle to another. The employee can move to a new cubicle and continue to use the furniture they were using prior to the move.

Cubicles can also be purchased based on their panel height. This type of cubicle is important for those employees or companies that need the utmost privacy in order to get the most possible amount of work accomplished. Cubicles with higher walls not only provide more visual privacy, they also eliminate noise better than those cubicles with lower panels. 

Purchasing new cubicles may not always be in the price range for some companies. With this in mind, it may be more financially sound for a company to purchase refurbished cubicles. With this option a company can still find high-quality products but at a much lower price than the new cubicles. Companies can often find refurbished cubicles from companies that may be downsizing or closing their doors for good. When looking for refurbished cubicles, the price for used cubicles will often decrease if a dealer can be found that sells both new and refurbished cubicles.

The price of used cubicles varies but typically the company or individual can expect to spend between $300 and $800 per cubicle. Compared to $1,000 to $3,000 per cubicle, this is a very viable option for those who may not have ample amount of funds available.

As with new cubicles, there are a variety of options when purchasing refurbished cubicles. One example of this is the Kimball Harpers 8x8 foot cubicle with fabric panels, a bookshelf, and an overhead shelf. This is one of the more expensive refurbished cubicle and typically costs around $700. On the lower end is the 4x4 foot KI telemarketing cubicle with light and filing cabinet, which typically costs around $400. With used cubicles it is possible to find great deals without sacrificing the modifications one normally sees with new cubicles.

Starting up a new business can be difficult and pricey at that. Finding cubicles, new or used, at the right price can be difficult but is possible. Refurbished cubicles are a viable option and provide a less expensive alternative for those just beginning their business.