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How Much Do Office Cubicles Cost?

The cost of office cubicles depends on the quality of material used to make the cubicle. Cheap materials may cost $300 to $500 dollars per cubicle, but the material will not stand up to wear and tear and may not support the work being done by the employee who has to use it. This will end up costing more in the future for repair or replacement of the cubicle and lower efficiency in the employees. Good quality cubicles can range from $2500 to $10,000. There are ways to reduce the cost of good quality cubicles by leasing or purchasing refurbished cubicles. In any case, you need to know what features your business needs before you select.

When looking for office cubicles for your office, there are some things to take into consideration. Cubicles should suit your budget as well as your employees.

  • You should know exactly how large the space is where the cubicles will be installed. This will help you decide how many cubicles you can install for efficiency and comfort.
  • Make a list of the different types of work of the employees. A software engineer will need a different type of cubicle than a sales representative. 
  • Will employees need to talk among themselves or will they be meeting clients in the cubicle? This will make a difference in the wall height. 
  • Decide on the budget. There are companies that sell used cubicles that are refurbished and of good quality. You can get a lower price for high quality material.

The best option is to consult a cubicle dealer. They will help you design a system that is unique to your company’s needs. Cubicle dealers will also give discounts for large orders.

When you are discussing your needs, you should be able to get a detailed picture of what you are getting. The dealer will give you a cost for the whole set-up, but you need to know what the individual features are, so you can add or subtract to modify the individual office cubicle cost. Before you talk to the dealer, have this information ready:

  • How much privacy is required for each employee?
  • How much storage is required?
  • Size of space
  • Style or design of cubical required
  • What is the budget?

Another way to save money when outfitting a large area with office cubicles is to purchase locally. Shipping can be costly for cubicles because they are heavy, so buying locally will reduce shipping and handling charges. The shipping and installation charges should be included in the total cost estimate.

Leasing can also reduce office cubicle costs. Systems furniture can be leased from dealers and will save you from spending from your after tax cash flow. Leasing office cubicles is a business expense and is taken from pre-tax income and will cost less up front. Each situation is different, but your financial advisor will be able to tell you if buying or leasing office cubicles is better for your business and financial situation.

There are two main types of office cubicles:

  • Freestanding cubicles, which are separate panels, are put around desks, computer stations and other office furnishings. These are useful for a company that may change location and are easy to rearrange in the office space.
  • Panel mounted cubicles are one piece with the filing cabinet and desk mounted to the wall. This is the most common type of office cubicle because they can be easily configured into any size space.

Good office cubicles can be expensive, but they last for years and since they are a major expense for a business, manufacturers and dealers usually offer funding.

Most standard eight by eight foot cubicles are $1,500 to $2,500 excluding tax, delivery or installation. Cube Solutions’ has a mid-height cubicle with integrated electrical plugs and a pedestal file for $1,500 to $2,000. This includes a 12-year warranty but excludes delivery and installation. In a set of four, the price would be $5,000 to $6,000. Each cubicle will cost less as the number ordered increases. High end cubicles will cost from $5,000 to $10,000. For example, the Bush Furniture Office Cubicle is made from slate and cherry wood and costs between eight and nine thousand dollars.

Cubical sizes can also be different for different jobs. Managers may need a larger cubicle, and you may need a call center station along with any number of standard cubicles. Some features for office cubicles are:

  • Low or high walls
  • Windows or glass walls
  • Filing systems
  • Overhead bins or cabinets
  • Lighting
  • U-shaped work station
  • Transaction top for reception
  • Telemarketing configuration
  • Partitions

Office cubicles are becoming more and more popular as interior office design. They allow the office layout to be changed whenever necessary. There are open office plans, spaces divided by moveable partitions and bullpen styles with no partitions. It is important to buy the best quality you can afford to save your company money in the long term. A dealer can help you decide what you need. You can talk to several local dealers and take the lowest price for the quality and configuration you need.