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Getting the most out of your office space

Rent these days is expensive, especially if you run your own small business and rent a commercial space. How do you make room for an expanding business without having to shell out thousands of extra rent money, just to fit in the new printer or filing cabinets? We share some tips on making the most out of the office space you already have.


With business comes responsibility and with responsibility often comes the hard task of having to deal with copious amounts of paperwork, bills, mail and an office overflowing with everything but space. However, amongst all the important stuff, there’s always a lot of junk, stationery or books that isn’t used, correspondence that has become irrelevant and things that are there for pure safekeeping. 

The first step to making the most out of your office space is to ensure it reflects efficiency so that in turn it encourages you to be efficient. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered table to a mind ready for thinking and work. The best way to make space is by getting rid of the things that waste space. Start sorting out what you need from what you don’t and make sure you are selective. Remember, this is your office space and should not be confused with your bedroom or living space. If your Rickenbacker 1960s electric guitar has somehow found its way onto your pile of work, it’s time to put it where it belongs - same goes for your 5-tier DVD collection. 

Remember: what belongs in the office stays in the office.


The most crucial aspect of making more space in a place with no space is versatility. What changes an office space from being able to house 20 books to 100 is the furniture. When you are filling your office space with furniture, functionality is paramount. 

A large, flat oak desk, which almost consumes the entire room, is only good for one thing: mess and disorganisation. Bookshelves and cabinets, which are short but wide, also waste space. In order to make the most out of your space you need to consider all of the dimensions you have to work with; top to bottom, left to right. 

Opt for storage solutions and furniture which offers you space in every way possible – as far up to the ceiling and as far across to the wall possible.  Invest in shelving units, drawers, cabinets and bookcases which offer lots of space and storage but are also versatile. Things like wall shelves offer a great way to store your books and also decorations and other displays in a modern yet useful way. 


Another important thing to keep in mind is that not everything has to be in one place. That enormous laminator machine that you use once a month shouldn’t be wasting the precious corner of your office. Consider self storage options for putting things away for when you need them and filling the room with what you need all the time.

Without storage, Melbourne office spaces can be a little cramped, and the same goes for any other major city around the world, like New York, London and Auckland. Storage definitely helps give you that extra little bit of room in your office, so start decluttering and enjoy a more spacious, productive workspace!


AUTHOR BIO: Sarah Paige is a DIY office improvements expert, and knows how to make the most of a small office space. She suggests searching around online for ‘storage Melbourne’ or ‘Auckland storage’, depending on what your business storage needs are.