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Why a small business needs great office furniture

We’ve all heard those stories and articles about the headquarters of famous multinational companies and the state of the art, innovative furnishings that adorn their company offices. For instance Google, one of the world’s most famous companies, believe in creating workplaces that workers are truly comfortable in – helping them to truly relax and produce their best work.

Google’s unofficial slogans include: “You can be serious without a suit” and “work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun”, and when it announced its new London office, the workplace boasted a number of amazingly innovative areas and rooms that bore those statements out completely. From flashing, futuristic dark blue corridors and play rooms with consoles, sofas and pool tables to offices with rowing boats – yes, rowing boats – and a cafeteria with 19 blends of real coffee, it’s fair to say that 99.9% of office workers in Britain looked on at the new offices somewhat enviously. What’s more, this is just the London branch: headquarters in New York, California, Tokyo, Hong Kong and elsewhere across the world are just as extravagantly decked out.

And while it’s admittedly out of the question for the majority of business owners to afford such lavish accessories and furnishings in their workplace, the immense investment in the company’s offices clearly show the importance of an enjoyable, innovative office for their employees to enjoy. Although there are still companies across the world who operate in sparse, dour and bad offices that staff don’t enjoy working in, increasing numbers of businesses are choosing to think more deeply about the way their office represents them – both corporately and to their own staff.

One of the most important ways in which an attractive, well thought-out and enjoyable office can help a business to really grow is in its staff retention. It goes without saying that staff prefer to work in a workplace that’s geared to suit them, with benefits, a positive atmosphere and a strong aesthetic – and you’re certain to stand a much higher chance of snaring the best workers in your industry with an engaging workplace. And staff who have to work in stuffy, dark and unimpressive offices are much more likely to leave the business in search of somewhere more enjoyable. It’s often said that the workforce is the most important part of a company, and a well-equipped, impressive office is a great way to keep that group of people happy.

It’s important to remember that an enviable, engaging office doesn’t have to the sole property of mega rich multinationals. Even if your small business has a relatively tiny turnover, you can speak volumes to clients and staff about your intentions by creating a light, airy and attractive space that encourages enthusiasm and enhances productivity with comfortable furniture. Good office furnishings aren’t necessarily expensive, and can be scaled to suit your individual needs – you just need to think about them. For the continued success, of your small business you need to keep investing in your office like Google do.


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