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Ways to Enhance an Office Setting

If you intend to make the most of your office, there are plenty of simple steps to take to enhance your team's surroundings. Research shows that such steps will pay off, as the environment in which people work can have a powerful impact on their behaviour, morale and overall well-being.

Get the basics right. Hire a cleaning firm to make sure that the office is kept tidy. Make sure that walkways are clean. There should also be sufficient recycling bins and available storage so that employees can do their bit.

Pay attention to temperature. Nothing affects well-being more than an office that is either too hot or too cold. Look at air-conditioning and avoid letting staff rooms get too cold or stuffy. Adding plants to the office has a measurable impact on morale and organisational health, not least because they provide much-needed oxygen and keep the air clean. Seek advice from a specialist office service provider on the best office plants.

Style considerations

Think about the environment you're looking to create. Bright red has been shown to enhance sales performance, but it can also give staff a headache! Consider red accessories in the sales room and neutral walls. Soft blues and greens suggest a feeling of calm. Yellow is positive, pink is emotive. Even a lick of paint can transform an office.

Functionality and Security

Take care of basic hygiene issues. Recycle damaged office furniture and make sure staff have DSE assessments if they work at desks. Provide back and foot rests where necessary and check that lighting is adequate and well adjusted.

Bring natural light into the office wherever possible. Provide water in water coolers across the workplace and maintain a clean, well-stocked kitchen. Ensure that security is in place with a key card system. CCTV and on-site guards can also improve safety, while an intercom for private staff parking can be useful.

Also remember to conform to Health and Safety regulations when designing your office, as these set minimum standards for desk proximity, lighting, working hours and so on. Follow good practice; for example, repair damaged doors and fix loose carpets.

Basic steps will start to show that you care about staff. You can take things further with interior design once the fundamentals are in place. Don't underestimate the effects of providing morale-boosting extras such as shared break-out seating areas, fruit baskets, free tea and coffee for staff and magazines and newspapers in canteens.


Daley works for LBS Group and has a keen interest in helping homes and businesses improve the security of their premises. He has a keen interest in style and design too, believing it can make a difference to the productivity of a workforce if they are working in a good environment.