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How Much Does a Used Copier Cost?

Copiers allow businesses to operate more efficiently. Despite their expense, business owners are willing to purchase them to increase productivity. To cut down on expenses some business owners are making the choice to purchase used and/or refurbished copiers. By searching for repossessed and previously leased copiers, businesses can save a significant amount of money over time.

Contrary to popular belief, all used copiers are not useless machines approaching the end of their lifespan. The majority of these printers are still strong enough to handle daily workloads. For nearly half the cost of a brand new printer, owners can get years of use, output, and progression. Investing in a functional used copier is great for business owners on a tight budget.

Even though used copiers are a good option, checking them before buying them would be a good idea. Making your purchase on appearance alone can cost you in the long run. If you cannot check the copier yourself, have a technician check out the machine before you hand over your money. If you cannot find a technician willing to help you, do not buy the machine unless you have a warranty and a return or exchange option.

Used Copier Warranty Durations

Any copier you purchase should have a 60-day warranty at minimum. Getting an extended warranty for 90 days or more would give you additional protection. Some retailers sell copiers as-is without any warranty or return policy. Accepting this deal is risky because there is no recourse for the buyer if the copier breaks too soon.

Service and Maintenance Agreement Contracts

Buyers must me mindful of the price associated with used copiers. They may cost less than new copiers, but they still can carry a high price tag. The average second-hand or refurbished copier can cost a few thousand dollars or more. For this reason, consumers should purchase maintenance agreements along with their units.

It is very common for copier parts to break down or malfunction unexpectedly. Calling a technician to fix this problem can inconvenience the owner physically and financially. Service calls can set the owner back a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Buyers can guard themselves against an unexpected used copier cost by purchasing a monthly service contract.

The cost of a service contract runs less than $50 a month. This is a small price to pay in exchange for on-call copier maintenance services. Typical used copier service contracts cost $39 per month. Included in this price is 3000 copies along with a fee of 1.5 cents per page.

New and Used Copier Comparison Costs and Savings

The following list will compare refurbished copier prices with new copier costs. Each model is a popular brand that businesses regularly use in their establishments.

Xerox Workcentre 7346 Multifunction Color Copier - An extremely fast initial page release with a print speed of 45 pages per minute. The average cost for a used model is $5500. Brand new models cost up to $16,000. This adds up to a savings of over $10,000 dollars on average.

Sharp MX-4501N Copier - Durable enough to tackle large tasks. Capable of printing 45 pages per minute. A robust page feeder that can accept 150 sheets at a time. Replaces the current black and white models with color and multiple functions. Brand new models cost $10,000 or more. Used models are available for about $8000, adding up to a savings of $2000.

Ricoh Aficio MP C4500 Color Copier - The first-hand retail price is $13,000 in most establishments. Second-hand models cost $5000 refurbished. This low used copier cost saves the buyer $8000.

Minolta Bizhub 600 Printer, Copier, and Scanner - Expect to pay $8500 for a brand new model. Refurbished models are usually half the cost averaging $4500. Buyers choosing to invest in this model can expect a savings of $4000.

Toshiba e-Studio 3511 Printer, Copier, and Scanner - This model is appropriate for businesses seeking network-compatible units. New models fresh out of the box will cost about $6000. Used models are available for $2500 through most dealers. This gives the buyer the opportunity to save at least $3500 dollars.

Since these models have a good reputation, buying them used or refurbished would be a safe bet. Paying these excellent refurbished copier prices will provide a cushion for the business owner. They will also have piece of mind since they will be investing in time-tested brands. At most, they will receive a great used copier that gives them the quality found in some new models.