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Does Your Trade Stall Make The Grade?

If you’re in the sales business then you’ll know how expensive it is to get a stand at a trade stall. First of all there is the pitch itself to pay for, but that’s not even the start of the costs. You then need to get there and pay for your transport costs and hotel bill. Then there’s the stall itself – signage, how it’s lit and decorated etc... the costs soon go through the roof. If it’s going to be that much of an investment then you need to be totally confident that you’re going to make the most of your presence at the trade fair. This is not a time for fading into the background, you have to stand out loud and proud and spread your message far and wide.

Make every penny you spend work for you by following our tips for an attention-grabbing trade stand.

First of all you need an enclosure. It helps create a feeling of togetherness and visitors will more likely come in to speak to you rather than hover around the outside. A temporary shelter or gazebo is perfect. Choose one that is easy to put up and take down and be creative about which colour you choose. You can even get decorated ones to help you stand out. Or maybe you can organise for your company’s brand to be stamped on the sides?  Pick a good quality shelter that isn’t going to look cheap – go for galvanised steel fittings rather than plastics ones. And go for something that’s nice and big so you have as much space as possible – but check the dimensions of your pitch first to make sure it will fit.

Light Up Your Life

Once it’s set up you’ll need some good quality lighting. Dark and dingy will not help sell your product! Ask the trade fair hall what is already included – you may get some strip lights for your spot. Light and bright says ‘positive and cheerful’ to your prospective clients so don’t turn up and hope everything will be ok. Go for warm and bright colours to stop everything looking clinical. Choose an interesting backdrop and use a colour as a theme – we suggest that should be the colour of your brand.


Once everything is ready to go and the public start coming, you need to do all you can to tempt them in. The best way is to offer freebies and giveaways. Think about having bags with your name stamped on them, pens, badges or something a little more creative. Whatever it is you’ll want your customers to be wandering around the trade fair with something with your name on. It’ll really help raise awareness so make sure it’s useful to them so it actually gets used.

A trade fair is a brilliant way to pick up new business and also to learn more about the industry you are a part of. Networking is vital, so make sure you get out from behind your stand every now and again to see what other people are doing.


This article was submitted by Clark Douglas; he works for a well known company offering clients high quality portable shelters. An avid blogger, Clark has participated in many trade fairs on behalf of his company MDMShelters.