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Increase Your Office Space With A Mezzanine Floor

If you run a business and you need to increase your office space then ask yourself one question. Do you want to go through the stress, hassle and expense of finding new premises, or would you prefer to take a simpler and cheaper option? If you answered yes to the latter then a mezzanine floor could be exactly what you’re looking for!

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine floors can be installed in all types of building where the ceilings are sufficiently high and can be utilised for a number of different purposes such as extra office space, a workshop, storage room and much more.

It’s possible to install more than one floor in many buildings and you can choose as large or small a mezzanine as you desire. Many mezzanine supply companies also offer bespoke design services that will ensure the mezzanine you choose suits your purpose and fits perfectly within your premises.

Why choose a Mezzanine Floor?

If you want to create more space in a building such as an office, factory, warehouse or large workspace, then a mezzanine floor is ideal. You can double the amount of floor space you have without increasing the rent you pay or the amount of money it costs to heat and maintain your building.

Whilst selling off an old premises and finding a new one is often a process that takes months and months, a mezzanine floor can be installed in super quick time without causing major disruption to your workplace and without the need for you to lose out on revenue.

If you own a small business then it’s important to stay flexible. A mezzanine floor means you’ve got the space to expand and if necessary you can shrink back down without any cost to your company. Creating a mezzanine floor can give you the capacity to employ extra admin workers, store and distribute more stock or increase your workshop or manufacturing space, so you’ll always have room to grow.

In the right type of building, you can even have two or more mezzanine floors so when the time comes to expand, you can move up instead of moving on to another building.

Can I Install a Mezzanine Floor?

All types of building can benefit from a mezzanine floor, including:


Shops like furniture and electrical stores can benefit from more floor space to display their stock by adding a mezzanine floor. In stores, mezzanines can be specifically designed and constructed to look attractive whilst providing a durable, usable space. For example floors can be given a hi-spec finish to match the store décor.


If you’re expanding your automation processes then a mezzanine floor is ideal. With a mezzanine conveyor systems and other machinery can be accommodated overhead and extra floors can be used to dispatch, manage and store products.

Storage and Office

Mezzanines can be used to create attractive open plan or enclosed office spaces or to incorporate more secure storage into your building. Mezzanines can be designed with walls, doors, windows and various security features.


Multi-level mezzanines can increase the capacity of warehouses exponentially. This type of mezzanine floor comes complete with fire protection and a host of safety measures in built, as well as being highly durable and able to withstand extremely heavy loads.

Production and Manufacturing

Installing a mezzanine rather than expanding to different premises can help keep all your manufacturing and production activities under one roof which makes your business easier to keep track of. In addition there’s more room to expand or spread out in order to increase productivity.


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