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Septic systems are one of the most important, yet precarious parts of a residence. Homeowners depend on the system to dispose of all the toxic wastewater coming from the household, which means that if it ever fails, it could result in a very sticky situation. Maintenance is crucial in order to keep a septic system successfully running and to avoid the threat of health risks as well as a major out-of-pocket expense for replacement. It's essential for homeowners to realize what can lead to a breakdown with their system so they can ward off problems or seek professional services in a timely manner if they experience any of these common reasons for needing septic repair.

Insufficient Water Levels/Excessive Water Use

A septic system uses natural bacteria in wastewater to neutralize the nitrogen produced in septic tanks. However, neutralization isn't able to happen if there isn't enough water being sent into the system, and nitrogen levels then begin to rise. When this occurs, drinking water in the home is at risk of becoming contaminated.

More frequently, complications with a septic system arise due to excessive water use within a household. Consistently sending large amounts of water through the system often requires septic repair because there isn’t enough time being given for solids and liquids to separate, which can lead to clogging and oversaturation of the soil. Long showers, multiple loads of laundry, draining hot tubs and persistent use of the dishwasher can all contribute to too much water in the system.

Faulty/Clogged Roof Vents

Roof vents provide the air pressure needed to equalize and send sewer gasses throughout the drainage pipes, cycling all the way through until ultimately dissipating back into the air. Faulty or plugged roof vents that aren't producing the necessary pressure will trap gasses, which forces them to expel at ground level, more than likely causing an unpleasant odor to infiltrate the home and property. Homeowners that find themselves in a smelly predicament can utilize septic repair services to relieve roof vents of any clogs or replace them with new ones.

Contaminating the System

Many homeowners are guilty of contaminating their own septic systems in several ways. Garbage disposals are a trap for things like coffee grounds, cooking oils, grease and food particles that don't easily break down, and people don't usually give a second thought about flipping the switch and sending all of that right through their septic system. It's also important to keep from disposing of any kind of chemicals down the drain, including everyday household cleaners that can not only damage septic systems, but also create a polluted environment.

Flushing Inappropriate Items

Sometimes it's more convenient to treat a toilet just like a garbage can, but the fact is that it isn't meant to flush down anything but wastewater and toilet paper. Solids that are dumped and flushed through the septic system can end up leaking into the soil and are likely to cause buildups that will turn into major messes.

Clogs, offensive odors and slow-running drains are just a few clues that a homeowner may need to seek the help of a professional septic repair service. It's imperative to maintain a septic system in good running condition for the household as well as the environment.

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