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Different Ways To Shade Your Deck Or Patio

Have you ever considered getting a shade for your deck or patio? The patio area can get really hot in summers. Therefore, it is important to have adequate protection from blazing sun, especially if your family is fond of spending time in the garden during weekends and other holidays. Having a good shade will also protect your family and guests from heatstrokes, sunburns and other general conditions caused due to heat and Sun. Let’s take a look at a few different options that you may consider:

Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings are one of the most preferred shade solutions for patios and decks. These are permanently installed, but the fabric can be removed or changed as per the changing needs and trends. Basically, Canopy Awnings are shade structures attached to the wall of the house, bottled to the deck. The frame is permanently installed, while the fabric is interchangeable. A good fabric can last about 15 years. Such kinds of awnings are available in a variety of colors, styles and textures. You can pick the one as per the current exterior theme of your home.


Pergola has always been in the trend, but nowadays people have become inclined to this form of shade due to its aesthetic appearance. A pergola not just offers a good protection, but can also be used to enhance the overall look of the house. It only allows a small portion of sunlight to enter your home through partial shade. Growing plants and vines can make it look aesthetically pleasing and offer adequate shield. Pergola can be built out of a variety of pieces of wooden slats.

Retractable Awnings

If you’re looking for some flexibility in your shade idea, retractable awnings can be a good idea.

Retractable awnings, as the name suggests retract the sunlight and lower the temperature. Therefore, the sunlight that seeps into your rooms through this awning will feel pleasant and fresh. It not just helps you save a lot of money on your utility bills, but also make the entire structure look beautiful and pleasing. Retractable awnings can sit at a diagonal angle, requiring metal made support arms, nailed into place against the walls of your house. The best part of using this kind of shade is that you can dismantle and roll it, when not needed.

Portable Shade Canopy

Portable shade canopies are easy to install and set up. Portable shade canopies are simple tent like structures with four posts. These are light in weight and available in a large variety of colors, styles and fabrics. You can install and remove them as per your need. These make a very aesthetic option when decorated with garden lights.

So if you’ve a deck or patio, or thinking to get one, keep in mind all these shade options to protect your family and guests from the harsh effects of Sun. These shades also work as a great option to prevent sunlight entering the rooms of the house, thereby controlling the temperature inside the home. There are a plenty of color and fabric options to choose from, in every type of shades. Decorate them with lights and you’ll see altogether improved and enhanced look of your home. 


Jason is a passionate blogger about home improvement tips and works as a supplier of Kenlow shades.