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Many people disagree about work uniform and whether it is a good idea or not. Whilst some employees are pleased to save the money involved with trying to find a nice outfit for work each day, other employees are less than pleased with the lack of individuality and the fact that the clothing may not be their usual style. Love it or hate it, you can’t do anything about it. If you’re considering introducing uniforms to your workplace, here are a few of the pros and cons that may help you to decide whether uniform is for your company or not.

Extra advertising

Once your uniforms have been produced, from then on you have free advertising for your business. Every time your staff walk down the street, go for a lunch break or walk home from work, they are representing your business and getting your company name out there. Your staff become working billboards, representing your company everywhere you go. It is important that your staff understand that they are representing your company whilst they wear you uniform. If your staff are involved in unsavoury activity whilst wearing your uniform, it could become an advertising nightmare.

Creating a professional image

When your staff wear a uniform, they look professional, something which can improve the appearance of your company. Customers will learn to recognise the uniform and trust staff members that they see wearing it. If you are in a customer facing role where you visit the customers home, it is vitally important that the customer trusts you, and they will feel reassured when the stranger entering their home is uniformed.

Increasing the feeling of unity

When wearing a uniform, your staff truly feel like they are part of a team, something which can create pride. Many staff state that wearing a uniform makes them feel more attached to their company, increasing their feelings of positivity when in the workplace. Uniforms also promote equality. When there is no uniform in the workplace, some staff feel pressured into buying new, more expensive clothing to keep up with their colleagues. However, with uniform, you alleviate this pressure because all staff are compelled to dress in the same way.

Potential to hinder performance

Nothing comes without its drawbacks and uniform has been known to hinder the performance of staff. If your uniform has not been well-thought out, it could be counterproductive. For example, if your staff work in the hospitality industry and you provide them with thick clothing, they can become hot and sweaty in the heat of a kitchen, affecting their performance and making them uncomfortable. It is vital that your uniform is well thought out to ensure that staff are comfortable in their uniform and that it is well-suited to the job at hand.

Encouraging negative attitudes

Some employees may be put out by the uniforms, feeling that they are being controlled by being told what to wear, which can lead to employees becoming resentful of the company. 

Julia Marson is a renowned author on all things recruitment and fashion - she regular visits Arivatex for more industry news and features.