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How Much Does an Office Water Delivery Service Cost?

Believe it or not, one of the keys to promoting increased productivity in any office is actually the availability of fresh water on-site. The availability of water promotes greater performance mentally and physically, and it can even raise energy levels. Additionally, it helps avoid things like weight gain and headaches, leading to an overall more enjoyable work environment for everyone involved. Given all of these benefits, it's no wonder that most businesses are looking to integrate some sort of office water delivery service into their office setting. The cost varies, of course, depending on the method of delivery as well as frequency, and there are some important things to consider.

Office Water Service Pricing: The Two Options Available to Most Businesses

There are generally two water cool options offered to most businesses by their service provider. The first is known as a "bottled" water cooler, and this is the version most commonly associated with office water delivery. Bottled water coolers feature a large bottle, or tank, of water, that sits above a cooler and uses both a built-in heater and cooling element to produce the right temperature of water for employees. Even though it contains the large, plastic bottle, these method is actually eco-friendly as well as cost-friendly, with the bottles themselves being recycled after use by the water delivery service itself.

Above and beyond that method, however, an even more eco-friendly and affordable option exists for many businesses. Known as the bottle-less water cooler, this variety actually uses a built-in water connection from a local tap water source and filters it through the company's proprietary water filtration system. It requires no regular delivery of water bottles, but usually does cost a monthly fee for maintenance and upkeep of the water cooler itself. The water delivery service will schedule periodic cleanings, filter replacements, and other maintenance to make sure that office workers are getting the best water they can from the bottle-less system.

Overall, both options are increasingly affordable and green-friendly, using either recyclable water bottles or an advanced filtration system to ensure that businesses aren't overpaying for water or overburdening their local environment. With those concerns addressed, however, there is still a key question: How much does each service cost?

Bottles vs. Bottle-less: The Monthly Cost of Service for Office Water Delivery

When it comes to office water service pricing, businesses should take into account how many employees they currently support and how likely they'll be to use the water system once it's actually installed. For smaller operations, the bottled water cooling system actually makes the most sense. Most water delivery services charge a mere $6 to $10 per bottle for delivery, and they'll schedule weekly or bi-weekly pickups and deliveries to suit a business' needs. Some companies might only require a bottle or two every two weeks, and that can result in a really low cost of entry and ownership.

For larger enterprises, however, bottle delivery may simply be too expensive or space-consuming. These bottles are only delivered every week or two, and large offices might need so many bottles that it's simply impractical or impossible to store them. Furthermore, a large number of bottles at $6 or $10 per month can be a big financial burden on any office's budget. Instead, a bottle-less water cooler system makes a lot more sense for larger enterprises. Most water delivery services charge between $30 and $50 per month for filter maintenance and water cooler upkeep. That's the equivalent of between 5 and 10 bottles of water per month, which definitely won't be enough for the largest offices.

Perhaps an even stronger argument for the bottle-less cooler is that the monthly price is almost always a "fixed" cost. Because the delivery of bottles won't change from week to week, and businesses won't find themselves in need of an extra delivery during some months, the cost will be predictable each month that the cooler is installed. It's largely maintenance-free, too, saving the company from those expenses as they crop up.

Office Water Delivery Service Cost: Additional Fees to Consider

Though the monthly office water delivery service cost of will certainly be the largest expense an office incurs when choosing to go with water delivery, it is often not the only cost associated with a water cooler installation. Indeed, many water service providers charge an up-front cost for installation of the system when they deliver it along with the first shipment of bottles (if necessary).

Many water delivery services will also require their corporate customers to sign a long-term contract for a year or even several years. Those contracts probably don't have any fees associated with their initiation, but they may charge stiff early termination fees to a business if that business is dissatisfied with the service or simply has to move their operation to a new service area. Be sure to look into these fees before committing to any company, as they can be in the hundreds of dollars for both bottled and bottle-less systems.

Finally, look into any ongoing maintenance fees or charges that might be levied by the water delivery service. While these fees are often included in the monthly cost of a bottle-less service, they're usually not accounted for when a bottled delivery service is chosen. That means the cooler's repair could end up costing the business a great deal of money, and it's worth choosing a service that charges the least amount for this kind of maintenance.

Overall, Affordable for All Kinds of Offices

Water delivery service is exceedingly affordable in most cases, and it even promotes greater productivity and enjoyment of the day's work. With less headaches, more energy, and really low monthly rates, most businesses would be doing themselves a favor to choose a water delivery service at their location.