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Security guards and bouncers often feature in films and TV dramas and it’s easy to believe the stereotypes. But a good quality security guard needs brains as well as brawn. If you are considering a career in security then you need to understand what will be expected of you. It’s not all as exciting and dramatic as the movies would suggest – as with all jobs there are the mundane duties to carry out as well as the fun bits. So, what are the key jobs of a security guard and would you fit the role? Have a read below and see what you think.

Regular Patrol

When a security guard is allocated a building to protect, he or she needs to know it like the back of their hand. Every door, every lock and every gate must be known. Regular patrols around the site to make sure there is no sign of forced entry must be carried out - you must always have your wits about you. You will quite often be working on your own so this is not a job for people who crave regular company!

Monitor Comings and Goings

Security guards need to know exactly who is entering and leaving the building at any one time. This means keeping an eye on CCTV, checking visitor books and making sure that a cast iron security procedure is adhered to. A momentary lapse in concentration could lead to theft, criminal damage or a compromise on confidentiality so it’s vital to stay on the ball.

Written Reports

Regular reports need to be produced with details of security procedures, visitor logs and property or equipment damage. So not only do you need to be on the ball, you also need to have agood writing skills and be au fait with producing computerised reports.

A Link to the Emergency Services

Should anything happen you will be the person expected to notify the police, fire brigade or ambulance service. This means building a good relationship with them so that they know you will only raise the alarm if you really need to. You need to be concise and clear with them and above all, professional.

Respond to Alarms

You’ll need to have nerves of steel because should an alarm go off at any time of the day or night, it’s you that will be expected to investigate. You need to be alert at all times during your shift – people need to know they can rely on you.

A Reassuring Presence

It’s no good sitting in your HQ observing from afar; you need to be right in the middle of what is going on so any potential intruder knows that you’re around. A physical presence is usually enough to put any thief off and it will also reassure staff and clients within the building that they are in safe hands.

Above all you are a pillar of your company’s little community so make sure people know you are professional, reliable, quick-witted and that you’ll take none of the proverbial!

James Norton is a leading dealer of security systems in Melbourne. Though the advancement in technology has certainly helped to improve security, he feels that one simply cannot do away with security guards. In this article, he has stated some facts which people need to know, if they aspire to become a security guard.